The Russell J. Compton Center for Peace & Justice is called to raise consciousness among members of the university community concerning issues of campus, local, national, and global social justice; to provide opportunities for theological, sociological, and political reflection concerning such issues; and to empower persons to work for social change in an appropriate, effective, and meaningful manner.

Spring 2016 Interns:

Amanda Buening <amandabuening_2016@depauw.edu>,
Amarilis Roman <amarilisroman_2016@depauw.edu>,
Ashley Cupil <ashleycupil_2017@depauw.edu>,
Elizabeth Aguilar <eaguilar_2018@depauw.edu>,
Gesenia Viviescas <geseniaviviesca_2017@depauw.edu>,
Greisy Genao <greisygenao_2018@depauw.edu>,
Ines Giramata <inesgiramata_2017@depauw.edu>,
Kate Porfilio <kporfilio_2016@depauw.edu>,
Madison Hartman <madisonhartman_2016@depauw.edu>,
Mary Xiao <maryxiao_2016@depauw.edu>,
Megan Angers <meganangers_2017@depauw.edu>,
Miranda Dafoe <mirandadafoe_2018@depauw.edu>,
Tolani Verissimo <mverissimo_2016@depauw.edu>

Sponsor & Coordinator: Valerie Rudolph <vrudolph@depauw.edu>



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