Reviving Compton Center Blog

It has been six years since the last post, but we are back! Six years is a long time to go without posting. Think of all the things that we have missed, Paris bombings, BlackLivesMatter, Ferguson and other cases of police brutality, national same sex marriage equality, Boston Marathon bombings, Malaysian airlines disaster, climate change discussions and deliberations, ISIS attacks and the Syrian Refugee crisis, not to mention numerous natural disasters; and these events are from only the last three years!

It is a new year and a new semester, but there are many problems and issues still in the world today. In this blog, I will be discussing some of these issues. I know that I do not always have the whole story or a perfect understanding, but I am open to learning. This will be an avenue where I simply give my thoughts and relevant information that I know regarding topics like classism, sexism, racism, ethical conduct, and modes of resistance and change.

These are the topics that affect me deeply and those that I am passionate about. As a second-semester senior, I will only be giving my opinions for the duration of this semester before I enter the big, bad “real world.” I hope that this blog will be an useful tool for me, and for you readers, for thinking through some of life’s inequalities and injustices. I hope that I can share my perspective on a number of topics, and that these views can help shed light on new ways of seeing problems or new ways of understanding the experiences of those different than oneself.

With that said, let me formally introduce myself. My name is Amanda Buening, a senior at DePauw and an intern at the Compton Center for Peace and Justice. In my life I have moved many times, and have been hurt but also extremely blessed by my experiences. It has been through my many travels that I have learned how to see an experience from someone else’s eyes, to understand the struggles of the rich and the poor, the differences between the north and the south, the privileged and the disadvantaged. I have seen and felt first hand the pain of inequality and discrimination, but also seen the beauty and the strength of those in marginal communities. I cannot wait to share some of my stories with you, and hope that you will reach out and respond with stories and thoughts of your own!

Looking forward to a great semester.

All my best,



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