The Perfect Metaphor for the Unionhood

Europe has been being under the ash.  Many of my friends who are travelling or studying in Europe have vested their little irritation to me–they are stick to one place and are nearly hindered by the natural catastrophe.  However, the “nature’s awesome fury” has disclosed the European countries’ inadequacy of maintaining a unity of the EU.  The New York Times’ article “Europe Under the Ash” has reported the chaotic situation going on in the Europe.  Strikes in Greek and France, the deficiency in the British transportation dispatch to rescue tourists and soilders, the defamation of Gordon Brown in overcoming the disarray, a sudden black market in Russia’s transportation tickets, and an economic scandal propagated from the airline abeyance in Germany, the Europe is totally in uproar.

However, the article goes beyond the superficial appearance.  “Treacherous though they can be, different responses to Eyjafjallajokull nonetheless underscore, if nothing else, just how diverse Europe remains, culturally speaking, and how occasionally fractious is the unity of the European Union that ostensibly binds much of the continent together.”  The EU is not as unified as it appears and aims to be, which has been widely ackownledged.  But this news report doesn’t simply remains on the surface of delivering the chaos in the airports, but goes into the essential aspect of the disorganization of the EU body.  Yet, to some extent, this could also be a fascination to audience to make them form a certain stereotype of the Europe, so that a whole country will tend to think the Europe in this way.  Also, to take a glimpse at the picture above, people from different countries view the volcano explosion from deviated perspectives, this suggests that every country is making stereotype to others.  When such stereotype occurs in the EU, it’s a mayhem in the committee.  When such stereotype of the disordered EU is made by this news repoerter, it’s formenting the estrangement of America and the Europe.

Therefore…I find one interesting phenonmenon in American and Chinese news media in terms of the Iceland volcano.  The Chinese news agencies mainly focus on how the climate and environment are going to change after the catastrophic explosion, while America — I am not offensive– is more interested of “laughing at” the disaster.  From the New York Times to The New Yorker, there are many blogs and articles published, being “gloating at” the complicated situation in Europe.  One blog article on The New Yorker writes: “According to the Times, while trying, in a half-hearted way, not to gloat about how an eruption in Iceland caused chaos almost everywhere but in Iceland.”


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