Traders Point Creamery

This Monday I had the opportunity to visit an organic dairy farm right here in Indiana! Traders Point Creamery is located in Zionsville Indiana and the hub carries three of its products (Chocolate milk, yogurt and a spreadable cheese). While the trip was for a presentation in an upcoming economics class, the trip certainly opened my eyes about the importance of understanding what goes into the food you eat. There are lots of differences between the dairy products produced by Traders Point and what you probably poured on your breakfast this morning. What most struck me about the farm was the attitude and general feel of both the guide and all the workers that my group ran in to at the farm. Traders Point Creamery, by being an organic farm is not only focused on sustainability but to truly be in balance with both the product they produce and cows they own. While I do not want this to seem like an ad for the company it opened my eyes to how far caring can take both a person and a business. I hope to one day be able to be fully informed about the food I eat and have the monetary status to afford what is truly best for me (a half gallon of milk is 3.50). Has any information about the food industry changed your eating habits? If so what did you learn and how did you change?


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