Surprise: A feminist find

While quickly printing out notes before class, an article caught my eye. Eight pages of a piece entitled: “ The Discursive Performance of Femininity: Hating Hillary”. Not being a fan of Hillary Clinton I was interested in what the article had to say. The article focused on the rhetoric in Hillary’s speeches compared to other wives of famous politicians. Essentially the article concluded that the reason people hate Hillary is because she is resistant in her performance as a politician (and wife of a politician, the article was written in 1998). Hillary embodies a strong character where she refuses to play into her gender role, norms and expectations when speaking in public. She refuses to ‘to perform femininity in the way of adopting a self-disclosing tone, for example: nurturing intimacy and domesticity. Basically Hillary acted in a traditional way a politician acts, which is historically masculine. It is disappointing to think that people do not like Hillary because of how she acts, rather than the policies she supports or public views on pertinent issues. To hate a woman because she does not conform to gender norms is ignorant, childish and disappointing in my eyes. How do you feel? When if ever is okay to judge someone and on what terms?


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