A conservative spin on the wage gap

On the first day of class the professor handed out an article addressing statistics relating to the wage gap between women and men.* The article’s theme is that the 70 cents to the dollar phrasing that feminists often shout about is overwhelmingly flawed. It in no way did it claim that discrimination dose not exist, but that is blown way out of portion— the success of “a good hissie fit”. The article highlights that current research finds childless women earning 98 cents to the male dollar, which surprised me. Not the fact necessarily, but that the research that exits. I reference this article not to suggest that the wage inequality between men and women in the workforce is non existent but rather the need for a critical eye when researching social issues. For a long time, personally, it made sense that a man may earn more money than a woman in the work force based on personal circumstances and to instill laws demanding certain pay rates ignores individually and undermines the population’s intelligence. My ideas however were personal, now I am confident in my opinions because they are now bolstered by scholarly work. Remember there are a multitude of sides to any issue. Hearing the voice of an adversary may better equip you to fight injustice. As persons interested in make our community, DePauw, America and the world a better place we have to have an adept critical eye. Be sure that you are as well rounded on the issue as you are critical.
*the article is entitled: “I Am Woman, Hear Me Whine” by Patricia Huasman, a consulting behavioral scientist and member of the Nation Advisory Board of the independent women’s forum.
The article was a comment on NRO (National Review Online) which is an online web-site voicing a republican and conservative view point.
More information can be found at:
1) http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:fepOJuwEbbgJ:patriciahausman.com/uploads/nroequalpayday.pdf+i+am+a+woman,+hear+me+whine+patricia&hl=en&gl=us&sig=AHIEtbTa7NwM58pSdf9CVe8XgKH6Jc62SA
2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Review_Online#National_Review_Online


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