Immigration and Race

What happens when someone from Jamaica immigrates to America? What do they become? An African-American, Caribbean-American, Black or do they stay Jamaican? Immigration is a very broad topic when it comes to an issue of social justice, human rights and policy. In researching this week I came across an article that spoke if the assimilation process of Afro-Caribbean immigrants and their transition to America. In a highly racialized society, where race can trump ethnicity – the negotiation of identity is complex for the Caribbean immigrant. For some people, coming from a position of power to an abject status in America is an unwilling transition leaving persons wholly connected to their land of origin. Remember the importance of the individual experience as you move forward in your future actions on saving the world. Also, it is important to acknowledge the smaller battles people must endure as you help them.  Immigration is complex and the point of this piece was to highlight an additional view. How important do you believe the assimilation of culture is for immigrants?

The article used for this post can be found at:


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