Advocacy Connects

I have recently had a few conversations with friends about what advocacy is and what its importance is.  I find myself beginning these conversations because often times I hear the term ‘protest’ laden with negative connotations.  It is quite disheartening because advocacy is in fact education, action, and the opportunity for dialogue about serious topics.  I used to think of advocacy as speaking up for those whose voice is not heard.  Now I have refined my definition to stress listening to the voices of the silenced, learning what it is that they know they need, and standing by in solidarity, marching together in protest and in hope, thinking and innovating new solutions to issues and problems that plague us.  Advocacy is service to one another in the most active and honest form because not only do we serve one another but in working side by side we connect with one another.  Doing so makes it impossible to walk away feeling good that you helped without understanding that the struggle continues and knowing there are many people working together to make it all better.  Just thoughts of mine lately that I thought I should add to the blog 🙂  peace, love, and hope : Sara


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