Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Hi everyone! In conjunction with Amnesty International, FMLA, and the upcoming production of the Vagina Monologues at DePauw University, we are planning a week of advocacy dedicated to WOMEN!

We’ll be tabling at the HUB in the UB Building every day during lunch during the week of March 3rd-8th, 2008 with materials about women’s rights issues and women’s health and some cool free buttons. Our big push is to see the International Violence Against Women Act passed this year. Members of Congress from both parties introduced this legistlation that will use the power of U.S. diplomacy and international aid to address physical and sexual violence against women and girls around the world. The International Violence Against Women Act will provide $1 billion over five years in U.S. foreign assistance for long-term prevention, economic development for women, programs to change public attitudes and social norms and legal and health reforms – all intended to end violence against women worldwide. We’ll have form letters and petitions to send to your lawmakers to ensure the bill’s success. We’ll also have education and advocacy materials as well as tshirts and tickets for Vag Mos for sale!

The calendar of events for the week includes: View PDF version —Women’s Week Calendar

Tuesday, March 4th, 7pm, Reese Hall: Always A Woman’s Choice?
Feature film (featuring CHER!) following the plights of 3 different women and their experiences with abortion, to be shown and discussion with members of FMLA. We’ll also have refreshments!

Wednesday March 5th, 7pm, Women’s Center: “Feminism:Debunking the Myths” 
Panel discussion with Professors Tamar Beauboeuf, Mona Bhan and Rich Cameron. Come discuss with us as we try to understand what is really means to be a feminist today. Free Refreshments!

Thursday, March 6th, 5-7pm, Women’s Center: Taco Thursday-“Women, Race, Class, & Gender and the Politics of Identity

 This event will feature discussion on the realities of womens lives, as race, class, and gender, intersect in a myriad of ways to shape women’s lives, and thus how they come to identify themselves, and resist forms of oppression through navigating complex cultural, class, race, and gender matrixes. Poetry readings are welcome, and there will be selected
works from various feminist authors and their words on feminism(s) to stimulate dialogue in realization that women are different, but that those differences can be destructive, can also be beautiful and the very source of women’s liberation.  All women, and male allies, as well as those in opposition are welcome. Free dinner (vegan!) included!

Friday & Saturday March 7th & 8th, 7pm, MeHarry Hall: Vagina Monologues, $5
Stop by our table before and after the show to petition for the International Violence Against Women Act and learn more. 

Saturday March 8th, 10am-Noon, UB Ballroom: Your Vagina & You
Women’s Health & Advocacy Workshop: Will feature talks by Rebecca Alton from the Wellness Center on Women’s Health as well as a talk by Professor of Anthropology Rebecca Upton on her work on HIV/AIDS in Botswana. Plus stick around for an advocacy workshop put on by Amnesty International.

We really hope you’ll participate in these events this upcoming week. Also if you’d like to take action online for the the International Violence Against Women Act, click here.

All the best,

Haley O’Brian ’08 


One thought on “Women’s Rights are Human Rights

  1. I think that the events that were conducted this week all focused on topics that needed to be discussed on DePauw’s campus. Not only did the events raise awareness, it also created dialogue between friends. I was especially glad I got to go to the some of these events because they provided knowledge that will be very helpful in understanding who I am as a woman.


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