Sara Doody & Human Rights

Hi all!  My name is Sara Doody.  I am a senior Conflict Studies major and this is my third year as an intern for the Compton Center for Peace and Justice.  I have to start out this entry by telling you all what a phenomenal group of men and women work for the Compton Center.  Since I am on my way out I feel like it is somewhat of my duty to brag about all the amazing things the interns do, since they certainly will not!  The issues we tackle encompass human rights, social justice, and critical thinking and sensitivity with regards to our place in the world and the action necessary to change and progress beyond the world’s current state of multiple conflicts.  Please do not hesitate to comment to this blog and contact any of the interns.  We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions as well as make connections with other students and advocates!

 In the Fall of 2006 I decided to begin a campaign to educate students and begin, what I hoped would become, a campus-wide dialogue about the current war in Iraq.  I feel that this country may care dearly about its soldiers, but has chosen not to critically assess our occupation in Iraq and actively speak out agains the War, to bring our soldier’s home and end the killing of innocent Iraquis, who were never responsible for 9/11 in the first place, nor ever had any WMDs. 

 Along with fellow intern, Jess Holmes, we created a visual campaign that stood in DePauw’s Academic Quad for 3 days.  There were three visuals: pictures of “What we See” in the media (concerning the war), pictures of “What we Don’t See” (mostly of dead Iraquis and wounded soldiers/citizens), and a board informing the student body that we are accountable for these things as well as space left for their comments.  It was a successful forum and something that was given enough time to hopefully affect people. 

Since then we have done many things, including toy soldiers dispersed around campus with the name of soldiers lost in the war written on the toy gun they held, we filled the academic quad lawn with flowers in honor of those killed by the war, and have continued our discussion boards this fall.  We are currently scheduling a semester-long panel with local Iraq veterans who will come to campus to educate the student body about what is really going on and how they feel about our occupation in Iraq. 

Jess and I were off-campus in the Spring of 2007 and were unable to continue our activism on campus.  Luckily, however, Rebekah and Andrea picked up where we left off with some pretty stellar campaigns throughout the semester.  I would like to thanks Jess and Rebekah for continuing the Anti-War campaign with me this semester.  They are incredibly thoughtful and creative women, without whom, our campaign would be nothing.  Thank you Jess and Rebekah (and Andrea, who graduated last semester!) for everything!

 Recently I attended an anti-war march in Chicago, on October 27th that was part of a larger national and international day of solidarity protesting for the withdrawl from Iraq, safe return of our soldiers, and the end of our occupation, displacement, and killing of innocent Iraquis.

 I am very lucky to be a part of the Compton Center for Peace.  The resources it affords me to be an activist and advocate on DePauw’s campus and nationally is more than I could have hoped for from my undergraduate institution.  However, I will say the greatest gift I have received is to have a support group of 12-15 students and staff every semester that are like-minded, think about the world and the wellbeing of its inhabitants everyday, and have given me a space for criticaly thinking, dialogue, friendship, and hope.

 In the hope for a more peaceful tomorrow,



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